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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Smashed Potatoes with Ras-el-hanout

Posted on by Spice Trekkers
Smashed Potatoes with Ras-el-hanout

If ground Ras-al-Hanout is added to hot oil, it loses some of its more delicate flavours. Pour the oil over the potatoes at the last possible minute, which will give the spices just enough time to cook and diffuse their aromas. Once cooled, these potatoes can also make an excellent salad if you add some […]

Shichimi Togorashi


Shichimi Togarashi is a classic blend in Japanese cooking, also called Japanese Seven Spice. The blend is almost always composed of the same ingredients, with only the proportions changing according to individual taste. Ours contains chile, Quebec nori seaweed as well as dried yuzu peel, among others. In Japan, it is traditionally served as a […]

Kamouraska Stew Spices

Kamouraska Stew Spices

This spice blend was created for heartwarming stews during the long, cold winters in Quebec. Directly from a grandmother’s recipe note book that the Spice Trekkers found near the ancient village of Kamouraska in Quebec. A combination of cassia and nutmeg with Quebec thyme, celery and bay leaf. Perfect for long, simmered meat dishes. Add […]

Maras Pepper

Maras pepper flakes

A cousin of the Aleppo pepper. The maras pepper fruity in flavor and very colorful. It gives aroma and heat to recipes. One of Philippe’s favorite chiles. The Turkish city of Maras is located a few short kilometers from Aleppo where it benefits from the same climate and traditions as the spice. In Turkey, the […]

Lemongrass – Thailand

Thai Lemongrass

We import this lemongrass fresh from Thailand and dry it in-house. With its fresh aroma, this versatile spice can be used in any sort of cookery. At the heart of Indonesian and Thai curry pastes is the aroma of lemongrass. Reminiscent of lemon zest without its acidity or bitterness. When dried, it takes on the […]

Lemongrass – Grenada

grenada lemongrass

Grenadian Lemongrass carries a more herbal flavor than Thai. Snip and add to seafood, broths and poultry recipes. Our Grenadian Lemongrass adds an invigorating freshness to curries and soups without overpowering other flavors. With its delicate herbal aroma, Grenadian lemongrass gives a splash of Caribbean sunshine to any meal. Also makes a great tea.  

Madras Masala (Arvinda’s)

Arvinda's Madras Masala

One of our favorite blends from Arvinda’s. This Madras Masala is fresh, rich and nothing short of intoxicating. This contemporary blend of pre-cooked spices falls somewhere between a powder and a home-style curry paste. Its rich flavors recall the cuisine of south India. Arvinda’s Madras Masala is excellent in any Madras-style curry or  stews, soups […]

Madras Curry

madras curry

The world famous curry from Madras, India popularized by traders of the British Empire. This all-purpose blend will works well with any ingredient: meat, vegetable and seafood. The perfect balance of hot, bitter, sweet and aromatic spices is probably what makes Madras curry the world’s most popular all-purpose blend. Ingredients: turmeric, coriander, fenugreek, cumin, ginger, […]


Ras El Hanout

We are very proud of our Ras-el-Hanout containing 27 spices. Following the ancient tradition of Moroccan spice merchants. Ras-el-hanout – Arabic for “roof of the store” – is the artisanal Moroccan blend upon which the reputation of the merchant rests. In adherence with timeless tradition, we created this blend with 27 spices ranging from ginger […]

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