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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Pork Chops Hochelaga

Pork Chops Hochelaga - Recipe | Épices de cru

This recipe is inspired by the largest and most famous of Canada’s restaurants at the ’67 Expo, the Tundra. The menu describes this dish as a “modern adaptation of a Century-old recipe where braised pork chops are enhanced by cinnamon and cloves,” but alas does not point to the original recipe. The most likely culprit […]

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Why Buy Cinnamon Sticks?

Why Buy Cinnamon Sticks? - Blog | Spice Trekkers

What is so darned appealing about whole cinnamon sticks? We’re not talking about the red-hot, brown colored powder you find littering coffee condiment counters, or the mysterious throat-burning flavor that haunts candies, drinks, and ready-to-eat pastries. No, this is an investigation of the true spice, the classic spice, the flaky, copper quills that have fueled […]

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