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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Silk Route to ”The Spice Blend”

Posted on by Ethne
Silk Route to ''The Spice Blend'' - Blog | Spice Trekkers

Our trip to Kashgar in Northwestern China, near the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, was the first that was deliberately ”not spice specific.” Our daughter Marika was living in The People’s Republic and, after completing a particularly arduous season in Montreal, we decided that rest, recreation —no spice hunting— and a strong dose of our […]

Sanath, Deepa and the true cinnamon

Sanath & Deepa in Mexico - The true cinnamon | Spice Trekkers

We met Sanath and Deepa… via fax! The memory of having made the acquaintance of this wonderful Sri Lankan couple using such old-school technology is amusing and nostalgic. We knew that Mexicans are the biggest consumers of true cinnamon in the world. We also knew that the best terroir—or growing conditions for the grade we […]

Postcard: Chios Sage


Chios Island, Greece Detours off the beaten track are often inspirational, especially on the back roads of Chios in Greece where many herbs grow wild. This day was particularly memorable because the strong, penetrating smell of sage growing by the side of the road is literally what stopped us in our tracks. The island’s climate, […]

Muntok pepper

Posted on by Ethne

  We knew we had to go to Bangka ourselves. We knew as soon as our friend and apprentice spice hunter, Ihsan, told us how difficult it was becoming to get good white pepper in his hometown, Padang, in West Sumatra. Ihsan had gone to Bangka island on his own last year but was confronted […]

Postcard – Nuodeng Salt

Nuodeng Village Salt - Epices de cru

Nuodeng, Yunnan, China, 2010 The village of Nuodeng has long been famous for its salt production and aged hams, which are dried in the fresh mountain air. It was in 2010, while visiting our daughter Marika in China, when we were drawn by the timeless allure of this tiny Bai minority village from another age. […]

Travel Essentials: India

Travel in India - Epices de cru

Our annual trip to India is upon us and despite our many years spice hunting all over the world, returning to Kerala in the southwestern part of the country still really excites us. The people, the food, the spices, the incredibly melodious Malayam language and, of course, the many friends we have in the region, […]

Spices are nature’s health food

Posted on by Ethne

Ayruevedic practitioners have for over 4,000 years advocated the healing benefits of spices and carefully outlined the many rewards associated with their regular consumption. However, it appears that some theories have a tendency to get lost in translation – so to speak – particularly when they do not originate in Europe or North America. I’ve […]

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