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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Expo 67 50th Anniversary: Pork Chops Hochelaga

Posted on by Steve
Menu - La toundra | Expo 67

Everyone knows Quebec’s most famous dish is Pork Chops Hochelaga. Since its fine dining debut at the ’67 Expo, this classic combination of herbs, spices, pickles and mushrooms has sauced pork chops around the world. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen. Of course, no one today has ever heard of Pork Chops Hochelaga, […]

O Cinnamon Tree

Posted on by Steve
O Cinnamon Tree - Blog | Spice Trekkers

I told them the only thing I wanted to do in Sri Lanka was see a cinnamon tree. Even after years as a Spice Trekker, the idea still blows my mind: this is the edible tree, the one tree of all trees, whose bark we eat. We couldn’t care less about its fruit or seeds! […]

My Grandma makes the best Ranch

Posted on by Steve
My Granma makes the best ranch - Spicetrekkers.com

Diving into Ranch- perhaps the greatest American sauce- took more than exploring American food and culture. The best of American cuisine often derives from the direct, almost assertive simplicity that makes the country great: baked beans, southern BBQ, good old-fashioned apple pie. But what makes simple food like Ranch good is not just the ingredients, […]

Not a Matter of Black and White: What I Learned from Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper

Posted on by Steve

White pepper has never been my favourite pepper. I understand many people crave the hot, pungent bite of a well-fermented mature white pepper, and others use it for keeping white sauces white. But for years now I’ve used it in recipes from around the world only to find everything I cook has the unmistakable whiff […]

Modern Stone Age: in Support of the Mortar and Pestle


The mortar and pestle is perhaps the most ancient cooking tool to survive unchanged in today’s kitchen. Archaeologists have discovered versions of the tool dating back over 35,000 years- long predating agriculture itself. It can truly be said that the bases of most of the world’s cuisine were brought together between two pieces of stone. […]

A Bite of Burrito History

Posted on by Steve

In honour of our new Cali-Mex blend, we explore the history and styles of the burrito, one of the most famous Mexican-American foods and the inspiration for this blend. What is a burrito and why do we love it so? Simply put, a burrito is a tortilla wrap filled with Mexican-inspired ingredients, like beans, cheese, […]

Journey through the Desert: How Cali-Mex Came to Be

Posted on by Steve

Searching for the best California burrito spice recipe was more of an inward search than I expected. Usually, Épices de Cru’s spice blend development happens while hunting for spices in far away places. In fact our credo of offering respect to spice cultivating cultures demands that we work in the field. But sometimes the blend […]

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