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Spicetrekkers.com - On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Random Insights

Our Favourite BBQ Sauce Recipes

BBQ Sauce

We get pretty excited during barbecue season around here. The grill comes out and suddenly staff lunches have that special summer flavor. All the fun grilling blends we didn’t complete last year can once again see the light of day. And recipe development! Oh the joys of developing new grilling recipes: of course we have […]

Expo 67 50th Anniversary: Pork Chops Hochelaga

Posted on by Steve
Menu - La toundra | Expo 67

Everyone knows Quebec’s most famous dish is Pork Chops Hochelaga. Since its fine dining debut at the ’67 Expo, this classic combination of herbs, spices, pickles and mushrooms has sauced pork chops around the world. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen. Of course, no one today has ever heard of Pork Chops Hochelaga, […]

Our favourite cabbage recipes

Varsha's Aloo Gobi

Cabbage is markedly associated with traditional Quebec cuisine, never mind fall and winter food. It is adored the world over, not just because it’s available year round, but also because it’s cheap and versatile. Cabbage can mean anything from kale to Brussel sprouts or even bok choy, so it shows up in just about every […]

Sanath, Deepa and the true cinnamon

Sanath & Deepa in Mexico - The true cinnamon | Spice Trekkers

We met Sanath and Deepa… via fax! The memory of having made the acquaintance of this wonderful Sri Lankan couple using such old-school technology is amusing and nostalgic. We knew that Mexicans are the biggest consumers of true cinnamon in the world. We also knew that the best terroir—or growing conditions for the grade we […]

Holiday Menu: Brunch

It’s true that brunch is enjoyed all year, but the Holidays make a great occasion to brunch at home with the whole family under one roof. It’s also a great chance to make a meal for that cousin you didn’t get a chance to see or a friend who was on vacation. If you really […]

Holiday Menu: Hors d’oeuvres

Shrimp & Corn Fritters

The best parties are usually linked to the kitchen in some way. If you want to enjoy your gathering as much as your guests, standing around the table, lined up at the kitchen island, or huddled around the oven, it pays to have a course of canapés and hors d’oeuvres to share. With a little […]

Gift Ideas: for the Gourmand

Gift Ideas for the Gourmand - Spice Trekkers

True connoisseurs already have all they need, and know best how to satisfy their own developed tastes, or so they think. People who really enjoy cooking, however, never tire of discovering new, rare spices or terroirs. And, with luck, you’ll even get to taste the fruits of their new discoveries! Our Grand Cru Pepper Trio […]

Holiday Treats for Your Guests and Loved Ones

Lemon Vanilla syrup

Jams, cookies, pickles… handmade goodies are always the best! They’re not just less expensive than store-bought foods, they make excellent last-minute gifts for anyone, be it a child’s favorite teacher, a coworker, or whoever invites you over for New Year’s Eve. It never takes a lot of time and is always well appreciated by your […]

Holiday Menu: The Spice Trekkers cook at home

Eating like a Spice Trekker is easier than you think! In their new book, Ethné and Philippe invite you into their kitchen to explore the dishes that comprise their family meals. The recipes presented are both gluten and dairy free, all while ensuring their deliciousness and encouraging the joy of sharing food with others. The […]

Gift Ideas: for the Tea Drinker


Whether you’re looking for a kit to impress a connoisseur, a new tea to give your sister-in-law, or something special to fill your stocking, we’ve got everything you need to please your tea-loving friends and their ilk. For fans of chai and fragranced teas, we recommend this original and varied Spiced Tea kit. If the […]

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Cocktails

It’s safe to say that traditional Holiday cooking calls for generous amounts of spices. Why not extend the range of your spice cupboard to your liquor cabinet as well? After all, the Holidays present endless occasions and excuses for mixing a cocktail: decorating the tree, hosting a little soirée, during the big family party, or […]

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