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Spicetrekkers.com - On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Staff lunch

Our favourite salads

Grilled beef and grapes barley salad

No matter the season, there’s almost always a salad on our table! Green leaf or lettuce salads are excellent accompaniments, and varying ingredients (think arugula, cress or corn lettuce) and dressing or vinaigrette are sources of inspirational and endless possibilities. For  heartier salad-meals, add vegetables or hard-boiled eggs, or even left over fish or meat. […]

Staff lunch: our favourite eggplant recipes

There is a great multitude of different eggplants in various shapes and colours- it is, after all, a vegetable that is grown nearly globally. In the Mediterranean, it’s used in classics from ratatouille to Greek moussaka. It’s commonly found in Turkish cooking and numerous Middle Eastern countries, as well as India and China. In many […]

The Best Spices for Corn

The Best Spices for Corn - Spicetrekkers

For much of the month of August, and often into September, our staff lunch is often corn on the cob. Accompanied by a simple salad or tomato sandwich (or a BLT, that’s even better!), it’s an ideal lunch for taking advantage of the best of what the market stalls have to offer during this time […]