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Spicetrekkers.com - On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Tastes and Flavours

Tastes and Flavours : Southern California


Southern California is a truly American region: a dramatic geographical confluence, a cultural crossroads, a story of development. Originally populated by numerous Native American tribes, like the Chumash, Cahuilla, and Serrano, the mostly arid and mountainous region seems a harsh climate for gathering food, but resourceful cooks found plenty in the desert. Many So-Cal classics […]

Tastes and Flavours: Oaxaca

The valley of Oaxaca is found at the junction of the great Sierras which form the central Mexican Plateau. This rich agricultural region has been inhabited for centuries by a great number of people who have long grown corn, beans, tomatoes, and chiles. Situated at the crossroads of commercial routes that connected Central American cultures […]

Tastes and Flavours: Crete and Provence


Crete is situated in the eastern Mediterranean in southern Greece. It was on that island that Minoan culture was born (2600 B.C.); becoming the first European civilization, and one which has had a defining and long lasting influence on Greek culture. Already at this time, grains, olives and grapes were considered the pillars of their […]

Tastes and Flavours : Yucatan

Habanero chiles in Yucatan - Epices de cru

The Yucatan Penninsula is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, making it a meeting place between Central America, the West-Indies and Mexico. This emplacement means the region is one of the most important intersections of spices in the Americas. Yucatan food is characterized by rustic dishes with uncommon flavours. Other than […]

Tastes and Flavours: Northern India


Indian civilization originated some 7000 years ago in the valley of the Indus River. It is from this area, which then included Pakistan, that ancient Indian culture spread northward into the region that even today is still referred to as Hind or Sind. Already, during this period, cereal and cattle were agricultural corner stones and […]

Tastes and Flavours: Sichuan and Yunnan

Sichuan Pepper

The Province of Sichuan, China, is a huge, fertile basin surrounded by high mountains which cut it off from the rest of the country. Populated by a range of ethnic minorities and with a long history of contact and trade with other Asian countries, notably India, creates a unique set of culinary traditions. Yunnan Province, […]