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Spicetrekkers.com - On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Our Spice Blends Categories

Fragrant Blends

Consisting mostly of aromatic spices, in general, they are used in small quantities to ''perfume'' a dish. They are often added along with other spices during cooking to further enhance a dish or are used as a fragrant finishing touch just prior to serving.

Sweet and aromatic Blends

Perfect for taming strong flavours, from the bitter notes of wild game to Indian black teas. Many work well with desserts.

All-Purpose Blends

This is by far the most important and most popular category. These blends are in the Bitter-Hot-Sweet-Aromatic category and complement the tastes of our foods that are mostly Salty-Sour-Umami- and often bland. This compatibility explains their popularity because it allows a blend to be used with a variety of ingredients. Curry is a good example. It is possible to make a seafood, a chicken or a vegetable curry, using exactly the same blend. An added advantage is that all-purpose blends are interchangeable. A recipe for a vegetable curry would be equally good when using Turkish kofte or BBQ spices. In other words, all-purpose blends literally ''get the job done.''

Hot and Aromatic Blends

As their name implies, they add heat and fragrance to a dish. They are compatible with sweet and savory recipes.

Very Hot Blends

These contains so much hot pepper oh chiles that they cannot be classified along with fragrant blends. They are generally used for specific dishes but are also interchangeable among themselves. For example, you can make a Vindaloo using jerk spices - it's very good; we've tested it!

Herb Blends

These blends are composed mostly of bitter herbs. Thery are easily interchangeable and ruing the cooking process are often combined with hot spices ans sour ingredients such as wine, lemon juice or tomatoes to balance their bitterness when we cook.

Grilling Blends

There are many reasons why these blends often contain salt. Salt helps prevent food from sticking to the grill or a hot griddle. Salt also extracts water from food allowing the spices to stick and form a crust when cooked on high heat. Paradoxically, after marinating for 12-24 hours, meat remains juicy because of the salt and does not dry out when cooked slowly on a BBQ.