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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Green cardamom – Colombia

Green cardamom – Colombia

Price: $10.00 USD
Weight:30g / 1.05 oz
Packaging:Metal tin
Other names:Elettaria cardamomum, Small cardamom, elaichi, illaichi, kapulga, nagulla, cardamomo

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Sweeter with  delicate, camphoraceous notes.  Cardamom is a perfect match for desserts.

Green cardamom is  wonderfully aromatic and refreshing with its recognizable touches of camphor. In India, it is highly prized and is used to enhance many curry and rice dishes, as well as desserts. In Northern Europe, it adds its unique flavor to traditional pastries, whereas in the Middle East, it is more often used in coffee. In certain recipes, the entire pod can be used after gently applying pressure with a knife to crack the pod. It is also possible to grind the pods completely as the green envelope that holds the seeds also contains volatile oils.

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