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Bay Leaf – Morocco

Bay Leaf – Morocco

Price: $8.00 USD
Packaging:Plastic Bag
Other names:Laurus nobilis, Bay laurel, Noble laurel, Poet's laurel, Roman laurel, Sweet bay, True laurel, Wreath laurel, Laurel, laurier, Pimenta racemosa
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The most fragrant bay leaves of the Mediterranean.

Each spring and fall, we import these highly aromatic bay leafs fresh from the mountains of Morocco. We dry them ourselves under ideal conditions in order to preserve their unique character. Moroccan bay leaves, like their Turkish counterpart, are the most fragrant in all the Mediterranean.

Moroccan bay leaves are used to season tomato sauces, stews, braised dishes and broths. Moroccan bay leaves give a unique savor to desserts such as crème brûlée or fig and honey pie. When preparing shishkebab, try placing a broken leaf between each cube of meat or fish. Otherwise grind the leaves and sprinkle over the fish or chicken before roasting.