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Saffron – Afghanistan

Saffron – Afghanistan

Price: $8.50 USD
Weight:.5 g / .02 oz
Packaging:metal tin
Other names:Crocus sativus, Azafran, za’faran, kesari, safran, saafrane beldi
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This saffron is painstakingly picked by hand in Afghanistan’s Herat Province. Herat is renowned in the region for its low-lying, arid valleys, ideal for growing dense, hearty saffron. The long, deep red threads impart the soft, distinctly floral tones that make any dish warm and satisfying. Afghan saffron is light and slightly sweet, with a hint of bitter aftertaste, but still has the creamy texture of Iranian saffron.

Afghan saffron is ideal for lighter dishes, like chicken, fish, or rice. Adding a few strands to a simmering pot can fill the room with an ambrosial fragrance like some kind of culinary incense. It can also be infused with tea and cardamom for a traditional afternoon treat. This saffron can be easily infused in warm liquid for a few minutes.



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