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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Chilhuacle Negro Chile

Chilhuacle Negro Chile

Price: $10.25 USD
Weight:25g / 0.8 oz
Packaging:Paper Bag
Heat scale:5 / 10

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A very ancient, rare chile. With strong notes of cocoa, tobacco and dry fruit. Moderately hot, this chile is the cornerstone of authentic Oaxacan mole negro.

This rare chile grows only in the Cañada valley in Oaxaca, a designated UNESCO ecological zone. Chilhuacle means ‘ancient chile’ in Nahualt, the language of the Aztec peoples spoken throughout the region a half century ago. A chile well worth discovering.

Chilhuacles are slowly falling out of favor and disappearing due to their high production costs. Spice Trekkers are making a concerted effort to import and popularize these chiles to contribute to the survival of these truly ancient chiles.