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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Cocoa beans (roasted) – Gran Blanco

Cocoa beans (roasted) – Gran Blanco

Price: $12.00 USD
Weight:65g / 2.2 oz
Packaging:Glass jar
Other names:Roasted cocoa nibs
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Whole, hand roasted cocoa beans. Presents an aroma of honey and citrus, with floral notes. Can be used for making desserts or simply munched on.

This Gran Blanco cocoa bean comes from the Piura province in northwestern Peru. It’s a Criollo chocolate, renowned for the delicate, pale, almost white, color of its beans (Gran Blanco contains about 60% of white beans). Only .25% of beans harvested in the world are white: This rare and precious bean is often called “porcelana” chocolate.

Our beans are produced by a Peruvian Co-op that utilizes their particular knowledge of the climate and region to produce a cocoa bean of exceptional quality. They select and harvest pods by hand the moment they mature. They are then aged for several days before sun drying.