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Black Cardamom – China

Black Cardamom – China

Price: $11.50 USD
Weight:15g / 0.5 oz
Packaging:Metal tin
Other names:A.globosum, Bengal cardamom, Brown cardamom, Large cardamom, Winged cardamom, Hill cardamom
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A different species of Black Cardamom. We source our Chinese Black Cardamom from the Nu Valley near Tibet and Burma.

Used in broths, soups and pork dishes. Black Chinese cardamom has the fragrance of camphor without the smoky notes of black Indian and Assam cardamoms, making it a top choice for Vietnamese and Chinese soups. Commonly used whole in long simmering broths and dishes. When used ground with other spices, the pods are usually de-seeded and the husks discarded. Our growers, the Li family, use it to flavor their famous Yunnan hams, bacon and sausages. It pairs very well with mild Yunnan chiles and Sichuan peppercorns. Great as a seasoning in stir-fried pork and chicken dishes.



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