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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Kit – Chai Teas

Kit – Chai Teas

Price: $24.00 USD
Packaging:Paper Box
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The perfect kit for spiced tea fans of all kinds! Explore beyond the chai tea recipes you know before and discover the full range of spice tea flavours.

You’ll love these four deeply and differently flavoured spiced chai teas, carefully hand blended in-house, made with only loose leaf tea and whole spices (absolutely no flavours added).

The kit begins with a traditional sweet and peppery north Indian-style Chai. Your journey continues to the lesser-known flavours of central Asia and western China with the floral and aromatic Silk Road Chai. Take a more festive approach to tea and spice with the cinnamon and ginger-heavy Spiced Black tea, built for the Holidays but satisfying all year. Finally, try our own chai tea recipe with Épices de Cru’s exclusive 8 Spice Chai, bursting with vanilla flavour.

You’ll see how delicious pure, unadulterated tea and spice blends can be. Chai it out!