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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Silk Route to ”The Spice Blend”

Posted on by Ethne
Silk Route to ''The Spice Blend'' - Blog | Spice Trekkers

Our trip to Kashgar in Northwestern China, near the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, was the first that was deliberately ”not spice specific.” Our daughter Marika was living in The People’s Republic and, after completing a particularly arduous season in Montreal, we decided that rest, recreation —no spice hunting— and a strong dose of our […]

Green Tea 101

Matcha Green Tea

Green tea is the most widely consumed tea in Asia, and is getting more and more popular in the West. It’s certainly the most talked about- particularly for its antioxidant properties, which have driven its global growth. Its health benefits are often reputed to be the secret to Chinese and Japanese longevity. But green tea […]

Yuxiang Qiezi – Fish Fragrant Eggplant

Yuxiang Qiezi - Fish Fragrant Eggplant

A classic example of the complex flavour balancing that goes into Sichuan food. Salty, sweet, sour, and hot cover the soft, silken eggplant for a delectable experience- especially over rice. The sauce, which contains no fish, hearkens to an era when home cooks elevated vegetables in the absence of readily available meat. 

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