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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Hortapita – Wild Herb Pie


In certain regions of Greece, and above all in Crete, the tradition of cooking wild edible herbs and leaf vegetables from the mountains is still very popular. For this recipe, you can replace the “hortas” with leafy greens and ends you would normally throw away (leaves from radishes, beets, turnips, fennel, leek greens, etc.).

Postcard: Chios Sage


Chios Island, Greece Detours off the beaten track are often inspirational, especially on the back roads of Chios in Greece where many herbs grow wild. This day was particularly memorable because the strong, penetrating smell of sage growing by the side of the road is literally what stopped us in our tracks. The island’s climate, […]



We often use the same ingredients for making marinades as we do for vinaigrettes. The difference is in the proportion of the ingredients. The amount of vinegar (or lemon juice or other acidifier) and oil are often reversed. In general, aromatics in spices are also found in larger proportion in marinades.

Visiting Chios: Challenge accepted

Posted on by Steve

The small, liver-shaped island of Chios presents a unique challenge to travellers. Punctured by jagged, impossible mountains and dotted with an endless variety of villages, Chios can be circumnavigated in a day but only understood in a lifetime. Each descent into a new valley reveals another undiscovered world, and every meal presents an unexpected delight. […]

Tastes and Flavours: Crete and Provence


Crete is situated in the eastern Mediterranean in southern Greece. It was on that island that Minoan culture was born (2600 B.C.); becoming the first European civilization, and one which has had a defining and long lasting influence on Greek culture. Already at this time, grains, olives and grapes were considered the pillars of their […]

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