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Spicetrekkers.com - On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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What is a Mexican Spice Blend anyway?

Tlatelolco rub - What is a mexican spice blend anyway? | Spice Trekkers

It isn’t always easy to recreate spice blends as faithfully and respectfully as possible. Perhaps no example better highlights this issue than “Mexican Spice Blend.” Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask about our Mexican spice blend, necessitating the delicate response that no such blend exists, but we’d be happy to suggest one […]

Sopa de lima – Yucatan Chicken Soup

Sopa de lima - Yucatan Chicken Soup Recipe | Spice Trekkers

In Yucatan, this soup is served on the hottest summer days- the lime-habanero combination is intensely refreshing. It is, paradoxically, quite comforting in cold weather too! Use the cilantro stems to fragrance the stock, and keep the leaves for garnish. In our version, the corn kernels are omitted, as well as the corn tortilla strips […]

Tastes and Flavours: Oaxaca

The valley of Oaxaca is found at the junction of the great Sierras which form the central Mexican Plateau. This rich agricultural region has been inhabited for centuries by a great number of people who have long grown corn, beans, tomatoes, and chiles. Situated at the crossroads of commercial routes that connected Central American cultures […]

Crispina’s Masa de chile seco – Dried chili salsa


Crispina makes this salsa on a metate made of volcanic stone to make silky smooth sauce. Guajillo chilies have a tough skin that only a metate can reduce to a fine purée. We improvised by using a food processor and passing the salsa through a sieve. The result is perfectly acceptable and quicker than grinding […]

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