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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Sri Lanka

Why Buy Cinnamon Sticks?

Why Buy Cinnamon Sticks? - Blog | Spice Trekkers

What is so darned appealing about whole cinnamon sticks? We’re not talking about the red-hot, brown colored powder you find littering coffee condiment counters, or the mysterious throat-burning flavor that haunts candies, drinks, and ready-to-eat pastries. No, this is an investigation of the true spice, the classic spice, the flaky, copper quills that have fueled […]

O Cinnamon Tree

Posted on by Steve
O Cinnamon Tree - Blog | Spice Trekkers

I told them the only thing I wanted to do in Sri Lanka was see a cinnamon tree. Even after years as a Spice Trekker, the idea still blows my mind: this is the edible tree, the one tree of all trees, whose bark we eat. We couldn’t care less about its fruit or seeds! […]

Sanath, Deepa and the true cinnamon

Sanath & Deepa in Mexico - The true cinnamon | Spice Trekkers

We met Sanath and Deepa… via fax! The memory of having made the acquaintance of this wonderful Sri Lankan couple using such old-school technology is amusing and nostalgic. We knew that Mexicans are the biggest consumers of true cinnamon in the world. We also knew that the best terroir—or growing conditions for the grade we […]

Spice Trekkers’ Duck Curry

Spice Trekkers Duck Curry

This personal duck curry recipe incorporates the fundamental elements of the various duck curries we’ve tried around the world. It features a Creole marinade, a west-Indian curry powder, a south-Indian tamarind, Bengalese caramelized Panch Phoran and, as a nod to the British clubs of the Raj in Sri Lanka, even a glass of scotch.

Beet curry

This beet curry is inspired by a Sri Lankan recipe. It may seem surprising, but in fact much of today’s Sri Lankan cooking includes European vegetables, which were introduced by Scottish tea planters. Beets grow wonderfully in the high mountain air, where the best tea plantations are. If you want a spicier version, try this […]