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About us

Seeking the world’s best teas, spices and blends for a quarter century.

Épices de Cru is a family-owned tea and spice company based in Montreal. Our goal is to provide only the highest quality whole spices and loose leaf teas, made with respect to both the traditions of producers and the needs of our customers. We believe all the knowledge we need to cook delicious food easily and sustainably is contained within the world’s cultures- we just need to make the connections.

  • We love to travel the world and meet people.
  • We source most of our spices directly from the best plantations and producers in the world – one day we’ll get them all this way.
  • We are in awe of people who respect their food traditions – they are the caretakers of the world’s flavors.
  • We are convinced that food cooked over an open flame tastes better.
  • We love eating with our hands.
  • We know that if people shared good tea and tasty food we could all have world peace for dessert.
  • We believe that spices and teas are like wine, the best grow in special places and many have yet to be discovered.
  • We believe in fairness to our growers, our employees and our customers.
  • We learn to make our spice blends by observing people who respect their traditions.
  • We fill all and stamp most of our spice and tea containers by hand.
  • We believe that whole spices should be ground just before using – that’s the gateway to the world of spices.