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Ordering Online

  1. How much is shipping?

    For US and Canadian orders:

    Shipping for orders of $60.00 or more is free!

    For orders less than $60.00, transportation is $11.75.

    For orders outside of these two countries, prices may vary. Please contact us by email to get the cost and we will answer you shortly.

  2. Do you ship to the United States? Do you deliver outside of North America? Do I have to pay sales tax?

    Yes. Shipment is available outside Canada and the US, however it is not through our website. Please email us directly if you’d like your products shipped internationally. Please note that rates and delivery times are determined by the shipper.

    Residents of Canada are required to pay sales taxes on shipping costs, books and accessories. There are no sales taxes on spices and teas.

  3. Are there additional fees for international orders?

    No. However, when ordering from Spice Trekkers it is possible that your shipment may be inspected by your local customs department and that extra charges might apply. However, because this practice is not systematic, we cannot inform you whether or not your spices will inspected by the customs agents in your country.

  4. How long will delivery take?

    We ship orders made from Canada via Canada Post and orders made from the United States via UPS.

    Orders shipped within Canada are usually delivered in 3 to 5 business days. Expect orders destined for the United States to be delivered within 5 to 7 business days.

  5. Can my order be gift wrapped?

    Sorry, we are big believers in gift giving but unfortunately are not equipped to gift wrap.

  6. Return policy

    We take great pride and care in choosing our products and can appreciate that our tastes may not be the same as yours.

    We can understand that you may not appreciate the taste of a product that you ordered. Unfortunately we do not accept returns based on the likes and dislikes of our customers.

    On the other hand, should the product you ordered be flawed, damaged or should a shipping error have occurred, we would be more than happy to correct the situation to the best of our ability.

    We are reasonable people, so should anything have gone wrong please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to satisfy you. Our goal is to have happy customers.

  7. Can I use a gift certificate online?

    Gift certificates can only be used at our Jean-Talon Market store. They cannot be used for an online purchase on our website.

    You can purchase them (amount of your choice) at our Jean-Talon Market store or by writing us at [email protected].


    Two reasons can explain this situation:

    1) Your device uses a VPN that either blocks your IP address or locates you in the United States.

    2) You are located near the US borders, and this is a geolocation error.

    In both cases, prices will be displayed again in Canadian dollars (CAD) once you have entered your Canadian billing address.

    If the problem persists, contact us by phone (514-739-7071) or email.

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