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9 recipes to enjoy crab season

Published on March 27, 2024 by Épices de cru
Crab recipes

When snow crabs make their first appearance in Quebec markets, it’s usually one sure sign that spring has arrived. Our beloved Jean-Talon market is no exception and since the beginning of April our fish monger neighbour has been working overtime to keep up with the demands of eager crustacean aficionados. Fresh crab – alive or cooked – is available only for five to six weeks, so we all take full advantage of this brief time span to explore a variety of recipes.

Snow crabs are usually served plain or with garlic butter, however their delicate flavour lends itself to a multitude of recipes. We can make a curry, a salad or even famous crab cakes, it’s an remarkable local ingredient that has earned its place in our hearts and on our plates. Here are a few of our favourite recipes that we believe will allow you to thoroughly indulge yourself during this short season.