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9 spice rubs for your BBQ!

Published on July 09, 2023 by Épices de cru
9 spice rubs for your BBQ!

It’s hard to imagine summer cooking without thinking of BBQ’s and it’s even harder– especially for us – to think of spice-less BBQ’s! When it comes to flavouring meats, fish or vegetables for grilling, the possibilities regarding spices and other seasonings are seemingly endless. Among the most popular – that are by far the simplest to use – are certain blends or rubs, also known as dry marinades. 

These rubs are spice blends to which we have added 5% salt. The salt delicately coaxes the juices out of the meat, which together with the spices, form a crust which caramelizes when cooked.

9 spice rubs for your BBQ!

Simply coat the meat with the rub, 15 minutes to 1 hour before cooking. If you’re grilling a large piece of meat, allow it to rest for 24 hours; as it will cook slowly on low heat for a longer time. For smaller pieces of meat (a steak, for example), quick cooking on high heat is recommended. If you wish to season fish – in addition to the salt, a touch of acidity (lemon, tamarind…) is a good idea. Marinate for 10 minutes at most, so that the flesh doesn’t become dry.

The choice among our 9 rubs is varied, however should you wish to create your own homemade rub using our single spices, nothing could be easier! Combine spices according to your personal taste – just don’t forget the salt.  Happy barbeque!