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Holiday Gift Guide : Personal gift duo

Published on November 01, 2023 by Épices de cru
For the globe-trotter
Bande Blanche

For the globe-trotter

Our new line of Layover spice blends is sure to seduce the novice traveller, in search of exotic flavours, as well as the experienced globe-trotter. Prior to their next escapade, offer either a can of Layover in Korea, Layover in Thailand or Layover in Peru, accompanied by a travel guide for the same destination!

For those who love to entertain

For those who love to entertain

Small-portion dishes can make the world of difference, but the best hosts already know that! For those who treasure the art of fine dining and prefer few or rather, no surprises; Montrealer, Arik de Vienne’s hand-crafted ceramic plates are the ideal transmitters of good taste. A can of our Dukkha spice blend is a perfect gift for hosts with the most.