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Holiday Menu : Imperial indian feast

Published on December 10, 2015 by Épices de cru
Holiday Menus : Imperial indian feast

Celebrate the Holidays like an Indian Maharani or Maharaja!

Indian cuisine encompasses a delightful and wide variety of diverse flavors and dishes which are uniquely comforting and festive. A typical Indian meal can generally include rice, a meat dish – which  is optional, dairy (yoghurt or paneer), raw or cooked vegetables, breads and pickles as well as various chutneys.  This wonderful tradition pretty much guarantees a delicious balance among flavors and textures and encourages us to make sure that there are hot dishes as well as milder ones that are in sauces and those that are dryer. The menu we propose exemplifies this approach. Feel free to customize it by adding another chutney, a paneer dish or  even a spicy coleslaw.