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Holiday Menus : Quebec traditional

Published on December 16, 2015 by Épices de cru
Holiday Menus Quebec Traditional

It’s simple; when our kitchens here in Quebec begin to smell of cinnamon, cloves and tourtière spices (is it a meat pie or a pâté? – we agree to disagree!) – that’s when we know for sure that  the Holidays are upon us.  All these beautifully rich and highly fragrant dishes are further proof of what we suspected all along; our great grand mothers were not at all shy when it came to cooking with herbs and spices. We would like to share this traditional Holiday menu, with a few of our own personal touches thrown in, like Brussel sprouts with honey and chai-spiced cranberry chutney. Trust us, there is no better finale to an indulgent and abundant feast than our infamous chocolate maniac cake – we’re just saying!

Happy Holidays!