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Holiday Paleo Menu: The Spice Trekkers cook at home

Published on December 09, 2016 by Épices de cru
Paleo Holiday Menu

Eating like a Spice Trekker is easier than you think! In their new book, Ethné and Philippe invite you into their kitchen to explore the dishes that comprise their family meals. The recipes presented are both gluten and dairy free, all while ensuring their deliciousness and encouraging the joy of sharing food with others. The menu presented here uses the cookbook’s recipe variations, which we assure you will please both hardcore paleo eaters as well as your fickler diners. We also like the idea of serving a soup after a cold fish dish and a few salads, which can simply be placed on the table so each guest can serve themselves. Swap your turkey and potatoes for a pork tenderloin with parsnip and finish with a fun, festive dessert like this fruit and Samos wine jelly mold.




Meat and fish