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Holiday Shopping Guide: Spicy and sweet

Published on December 06, 2018 by Épices de cru
For capsaicin lovers
Bande Blanche

For capsaicin lovers

Is there a better way to perk up your taste buds than by receiving or offering an artisanal hot sauce and a sizzling selection of chile flakes? Our gift trio consists of a Mexican smoked chile alongside a fermented Turkish contender and rounds off with an extremely fruity candidate from Korea, warming comfort to capsaicin loving cooks everywhere! You can also include a “made-in-Quebec” hot sauce; butcher shops and specialized boutiques have an impressive selection available.  

For chocolate lovers

For chocolate lovers

It’s a well-known fact that cocoa and spices are a perfect couple – especially in a Christmas stocking! Our Oaxacan chocolate spice blend, inspired by southern Mexican traditions, is perfect for those who bake brownies, cakes and other cocoa-based delectables. They’ll make a perfect threesome when accompanied by one (or more) spice-infused chocolate bars. Once again, there is an amazing selection of spice-centric chocolate bars created by local artisans. Need some inspiration? Just look at some of the decadent offerings created by a few of our local friends: Avanaa, Qantu and État de choc.

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