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Postcard: Chios Sage

Published on September 17, 2015 by Ethné de Vienne
Chios Island, Greece

Chios Island, Greece

Detours off the beaten track are often inspirational, especially on the back roads of Chios in Greece where many herbs grow wild. This day was particularly memorable because the strong, penetrating smell of sage growing by the side of the road is literally what stopped us in our tracks. The island’s climate, combined with its rocky, sun-drenched, windy and unforgiving terrain is precisely what forces the herbs to develop their strong, rustic and incredibly unique perfume.


About the author

Ethné de Vienne

Ethné de Vienne was born in Trinidad, so spices and cooking have always been a part of her life. She worked in fashion for many years before finally building the renowned Montreal catering service with her husband Philippe. Today, as a full-time spice hunter, she takes great care in maintaining Épices de Cru’s relationships in its vast network of suppliers around the globe. She’ll never deny that any dish can be improved by a little cumin or zaatar, and probably a nice glass of rum!