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Sfär Salt Cellar – Slate with Cream Accent

Sfär Salt Cellar – Slate with Cream Accent

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Salt Cellar- Arik de Vienne design

This little jar is a great container for fine table salt or everyday cooking salt- it’s as handy in the kitchen as it is the dining room. It’s also perfect for serving sugar with tea and coffee, or even serving a condiment right at the table. Ceramics made in Montreal with clay sourced in Quebec. 

Spoon included.

2¾ inch X 2 ¼ inch

Arik was born into a spice hunting family. He became interested in cooking and was intrigued by the art of food styling at a very young age. His functional yet elegant ceramic creations are whimsical, durable and destined for everyday use.

Arik De Vienne Design