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Origin : India
Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Ajwain, Ajowan, Bishop's weed
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Weight : 45g / 1.59 OZ

In India adjwain is used in everything from the simplest recipes to the most complex masalas. Adjwain seeds are very tiny but carry a strong flavour. They have a flavor similar to thyme (a.k.a. 'Indian Thyme') and a faint peppery bite.

A popular spice in Ethiopian and Middle Eastern cooking. Adjwain seeds resemble those of celery. In Indian cuisine, adjwain is commonly sautéed in ghee with onions and mustard to season vegetable dishes. Its seeds are generally used whole to preserve both its characteristic flavor and its crunchy texture. Adjwain is therefore a good substitute for thyme. To be used sparingly.

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