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Amchoor Entier


Origin : India
Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Poudre de Mangue verte, Green Mango powder, Amchur
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Weight : 60g / 2.12 OZ

Green (unripened) mango that has been sundried. Adds an acidic, fruity burst to recipes. Common to Indian cookery.

Amchoor is the indian name for the sundried unripened mango, and it is usually used ground. Used primarily in Indian cuisine, where its acidity flavors curries, salads, chutneys and marinades. Amchoor is perfect for dishes that call for a touch of acidity without the liquid that tamarind or lemon juice would add. Perfect for marinades and sautéed dishes. Amchoor tenderizes meats like lemon or lime juice. In Indian cuisine, it is used in the powdered salad dressing chaat masala.

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