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Chinese Cassia


Origin : China
Packaging : Plastic bag
Other names : vietnamese cinnamon, chinese cinnamon, false cinnamon, cassia, kulmie dalchini, canela de China, darasini, kuel, kwei, kayu manis
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Frequently mistaken for true cinnamon, cassia gives intensity of aroma to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Cassia, also known as 'false cinnamon' or 'Chinese cinnamon,' is the dried bark of the cassia tree. Sticks of cassia are dark-coloured and hard, and are sold in North America as cinnamon. Though its fragrance is less complex than that of true cinnamon, cassia is a rich spice, equally well adapted to both sweet and savoury dishes. It is essential in the preparation of American apple pie, «cinnamon» rolls and it is great with oatmeal or french toasts. In the Middle-East, cassia is often used to perk up grilled meat, much like black pepper.