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Chipotle Chile Flakes

Chipotle Chile Flakes

Origin : Mexico
Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Chile mecco, chile meco, meco, chilpotle
Heat scale : 5/10
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Weight : 45g / 1.59 OZ

Authentic chipotle flakes from Mexico. These well smoked chiles are notorious for their versatility. Flaked in our facilities.

True chipotles are made from a special variety of large, ripe Jalapeño that is much meatier and fruitier than regular jalapeños. The chipotle chile, also known as meco, can be used flaked or ground in a host of recipes, or dry toasted in a pan and then rehydrated to prepare an all-purpose smoked chile paste.

Use in chile con carne, salsas, quesadillas or any dish where a little bit of heat and smokiness are required.