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Cinnamon Sticks 00

Cinnamon 00

Origin : Sri Lanka
Packaging : Sac plastique
Other names : Ceylan cinnamon, true cinnamon, cinnamon, canela, darchini, dalchini
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Weight : 35g / 1.23 OZ

This true Sri Lankan Cinnamon is more robust and less expensive than the finer 00000 grade cinnamon. From the same producers as our finest grade cinnamon.

Cookbooks from ancient Rome claim that the lowest grades of cinnamon were superior to the best cassia. Thicker bark from the larger branches of cinnamon can be used whole or can be ground with a mortar. Sri Lankan Cinnamon has a less delicate flavor than the finer grades. It is suitable for cinnamon buns, rustic curries and poached fruits.