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Gorria Pepper «Espelette style» - ground

Gorria Pepper «Espelette style» - ground

Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Espelette
Heat scale : 3/10
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More commonly known under the appellation Espelette, this Gorria pepper is of Basque origin but grown right here in Quebec. Bright red, not too hot, and with a flavour that is reminiscent one of grilled bell pepper or even tomato. It is used almost everywhere in Basque cooking: fish, meat or poultry stews, charcuterie, omelettes, etc. Also quite fruity, it can be used as a finishing touch on many dishes.

Our Gorria pepper comes from the farm of Victoire and Michèle Palardy, in Montérégie, who sell their products in the Jean-Talon Market in Montréal. With a great selection of vegetables and peppers, the Palardys favour more ecologically friendly cultuvating and harvest methods, using algae-based natural fertilizers, and their years of experience and know-how to make their exceptional products. Their products are grown with no chemicals, but have no official certification.