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Mah Kwan Pepper

Mah Kwan Wild Pepper

Origin : Thailand
Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Ma Can, poivre thaï
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This rare pepper grows wild in northern Thailand. Like its cousins Sichuan and Sancho peppers, it is peppery and numbing but carries a powerful mandarin flavor. Used in Chang Mai for curries, noodles and meat salads.

Mah Kwan pepper grows wild in the Mae Hong Son province of northern Thailand. Our selection of Mah Kwan pepper is harvested in late autumn and is sun dried for at least one week. Mah Kwan resembles Sichuan peppercorns in its citrus orange flavors and in its anesthetic capacities. In traditional Thai cuisine, Mah Kwan is used as a final touch on meat-based salads, noodles and curries. Compliments galanga, Thai basil, chilies, and lemon grass.