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Maras Pepper

Maras Pepper

Origin : Turkey
Packaging : Metal tin
Heat scale : 4/10
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Weight : 50g / 1.76 OZ

A cousin of the Aleppo pepper. The maras pepper fruity in flavor and very colorful. It gives aroma and heat to recipes. One of Philippe’s favorite chiles.

The Turkish city of Maras is located a few short kilometers from Aleppo where it benefits from the same climate and traditions as the spice. In Turkey, the Maras chile is usually cooked in oil to infuse its lovely color and flavor.

A perfect chile for Middle Eastern cooking, though it is well suited to wander through the world of culinary cultures. The Maras chile is a great addition to marinades and dips. You can sprinkle this lovely, red chile as a finishing touch on hummus and yogurt dishes.

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