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Moroccan Sweet Pepper

Moroccan Sweet Pepper

Origin : Morocco
Packaging : Paper Bag
Other names : Nora, niora
Échelle de chaleur : 2/10
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Weight : 50g / 1.76 OZ

Also known as ‘Nora’ in Spain, this chile is a staple of Moroccan and Spanish cookery. Sweet and deeply aromatic. Grind Moroccan sweet pepper to make a great paprika.

A chile worth discovering. One of the first chiles to be brought to the old world by the Spaniards who christened it ‘Nora.’ The unusual shape of this sweet chile is an indication of the antiquity of the variety. Moroccan pepper is versatile. Use rehydrated ground or flaked. Perfect for tajines and couscous. It lends a deep, genuine taste to North African and Spanish recipes. Use ground Moroccan pepper as you would paprika.