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Sri Lankan Nutmeg

Nutmeg - Sri Lanka (5 units)

Origin : Sri Lanka
Packaging : Metal tin
Other names : Nutmeg, nuez moscada, babasa, jaiphal, pala, meg
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Sri Lanka is not only home to true cinnamon but to great nutmeg as well. A pinch of nutmeg improves most dishes. Like mace, nutmeg has flavor binding capabilities.

Sri Lankan nutmeg is perfect for sweet or savory dishes. For optimum freshness and aroma, wait until the last moment to grate this nutmeg for seasoning sweet or savory dishes.

Nutmeg can be added to cheese dishes, potato au gratin, Sheppard’s pie and rum punch. Try nutmeg in root vegetable purees such as parsnips, carrots or roasted squash.

5 nutmegs (shell on) in a tin.