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Yuzu Peels

Origin : Japan
Packaging : Small glass jar
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Weight : 12g / 0.42 OZ

Yuzu is a citrus that originated in Asia, and is essential for making Japanese food. The fruit resembles a small grapefruit and its peel can be used as much as its juice. Acid and slightly bitter, its appreciated for its intense floral aroma that recalls at once lemon and mandarin orange. In Japan, it’s used as much in vegetable dishes as it is fish, or even for flavouring miso soup. It can also be found in the famous spice blend Shichimi Togorashi. In Korea, it’s used for a syrup made with honey and sugar that can be diluted in hot water. This yuzu tea is reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties. The dried yuzu zest is used in essentially the same manner as lemon zest: salad dressing, marinade, seafood, salmon tartare, etc. It’s also great in cakes, creams, and desserts of all kinds.

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