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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper – Madagascar

Wild Voatsiperifery Pepper – Madagascar

Price: $11.00 USD
Weight:40g / 1.4 oz
Packaging:Metal tin
Other names:Piper borbonense
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A truly unique wild cubeb sourced from Madagascar. Its growing notoriety by Western chefs testifies to the incredibly aromatic profile of this pepper. Ready to take the world by storm.

Like cubeb, black and long peppers, voatsiperifery is a true pepper. The woody and floral fragrance of these dense red-brown peppercorns evoke citrus. It has been called upon in Madagascar’s culinary culture for centuries and is ideal for seasoning fish and seafood recipes. Its subtle sweetness and moderate heat are great for desserts and chocolate. For a great red meat seasoning, blend Voatisperifery pepper with other varieties.

At one time this was an extremely rare spice. But it is gradually becoming a staple spice for adventurous and inventive cooks.