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On the hunt for the world's best spices and blends

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Fennel – India

Fennel – India

Price: $7.25 USD
Weight:45g / 1.5 oz
Packaging:Metal tin
Other names:Sweet dill, hinojo, shamar, saunf, sweet cumin
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Our Indian fennel has a sweet aroma with hints of aniseed. , more pronounced than the Mediterranean variety. Can be used in any style of cooking.

Compared to the Mediterranean variety, Indian fennel is more aromatic, greener in color and is somewhat more refined. In Indian cookery, it can be used ground, whole or even grilled. Its pungent herbal aroma carries overtones of anise, which combines well with shellfish and fish recipes as well as chicken, lamb and pork. When eaten whole, raw fennel seeds refresh the palate and favor good digestion; in India, whole sugar-coated fennel seeds are offered at the end of a fine meal.


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